Scapigliato (scapigliato) wrote in dissociatedfew,

If only just to see her smile

I am posting this on behalf of somebody I truly care about. Nearly a year ago, my girlfriend was horribly raped, and she has kept it a secret from everyone including myself until just a few days ago. I would've never guessed that this had happened to her. To make amtters worse around the same time that this happened, I broke up with her for unrelated reaosns not having the slightest clue what she was going through. We've been back together for 5 months now, and she's revealed this secret to me. I am deeply cocnerned, and I feel powerless to help her. I want to encourage her to report it and to see a therapist to help her work things out that I know she's bottled up. Then I wonder if I'm making a bigger deal abotu it than I should, mayme the last thing she needs is for me to remind her of this god awful experience. I feel so helpess, and I'm afraid of hurting her by pressuring her into anything that would make her relive this horrific experience. It is a last resort for me to post an entry in this community, I hope that somebody can share with me some advice that might allow me to help her.
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