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a strong point

otterphoenix wrote in a reply post about abuse
"it made you who you are today and made you a more understanding person"
I have to say that what she said was absolutely spot on.
Thats kind of how I live my life and it helps me sometimes to move on from the rough patches. Sometimes I look back and say why me, was I such a bad person that I deserved to have these things done to me. It still does get to me sometimes as I think it does everyone but without those things happening I wouldn't be me. I wouldn't have a better understanding of such things and perhaps I wouldn't be able to express these things to others so they get a better understanding of it themselves. I've wondered what type of person I would have been had I had a more stable up bringing. I probably would have been stronger or more confident but in reality that person never existed. We are these people because this is who we are supposed to be and one way or another it has to have been for a reason. If these things hadn't happened we wouldn't be here helping each other the way that we are. If these things hadn't happened perhaps we wouldn't be a better writer or photographer or artist. Perhaps we wouldn't be a better mother or father for that matter. I've kind of always had this notion that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that gets a little confusing say when a loved one dies suddenly or at a young age. But then there is the bad things that happen in life that actually give a new undertanding or walk us down a new path in life. Your probably thinking aren't you being a little optmistic but hey this doesn't happen to often for me so just roll with it. All I'm trying to say is that we are who we are and shouldn't feel hopeless and alone because of something nasty and horrible that someone else has done to us. Let those people wallow in their self hatred because they are the bad people in this world not us. I just want to live my life with its ups and downs but still forever forward. I dont want them to bring me down and I want what is best for me and my family. I hope that it is ok that I'm writing this, infact I hope that somewhere this has made someones day that little bit easier or perhaps a little brighter. To all of us out there just keep fighting!

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