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One of the communities I'm with is called fucked up news. It basically has crazy news stories from around the world. Some is a bit gross but most of it is funny which is why I joined it in the first place. The reason I'm writing about it is because there was a story on it that totally disturbed me which I'm warning you maybe triggering and this is it.

Dutch paedophiles are forming a political party that wants to legalise, among other things, sex between an adult and a child.

The organisation called NVD [1] have announced that they will register as a political party on Wednesday. The party wants to change the legal age of consent to 12 and eventually remove the age limit completely. It also supports legalising kiddie porn and bestiality.
One of the founders of NVD, Ad van den Berg, claimed in a Dutch newspaper that the high age limit only gets the children intrigued.

The party would like to allow children over 12 years old to be able to do porn as well as have the right to smoke, drink and vote. On top of all this, the party demands free train travel for all Dutch.

The reason it disturbed be so much is obvious but not the only reason. In the replies one said 'they wont get many votes,' another said 'they should be hung by their balls' and the final one said 'I support them.'

That was the one that got me really upset and at first I thought maybe this person was just joking as some people tend to do but I was curious so I clicked on his name to find out his info. Sure enough his interests are about that stuff and some of his friends are even worse. I started feeling sick to my stomach and it left me feeling numb inside.
I cant believe that there are places even on here about people promoting that. I guess maybe I'm alittle nieve about things but this really shocked me. I cant believe how fucking discusting some people are. I was going to reply to his comment and then thought it's not worth it because he's probably the type that would spin off on a whole series of horrible comments. I didn't even think you could make these type of posts or communities. I feel so upset by this, I come onto lj to free myself of being upset about this stuff and to maybe talk to others who have gone through the same stuff and heal together. I feel like all of this stuff is constantly on t.v and everytime it shows up a part of me breaks inside. I go about my life trying to let this stuff not bother me but my god it's everywhere. I know that when they tell stories about it on the news or investigate it on oprah or something that it does good for a lot of people. For the people that haven't been through any of it they get a better understanding and maybe are more watchful on keeping their children safe. At the same time though and I know I'm being selfish but for me seeing any of that stuff is really hard. Even if I see it for a split second and change the channel the damage is done and I'm not the same that I was two seconds before I came on. Sometimes I just want peace from it even if only just for a little bit.I hope I haven't upset anyone by saying this and thanks for lettting me have my say.

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