grass angels (grassangels) wrote in dissociatedfew,
grass angels


I've been struggling with PTSD because of my time spent in Iraq for awhile now. I got hit by many grenades, got shot, and witnessed all the normal war stuff. I'm just trying to pull myself together for my next deployment. It's readjusting at home that is the hardest part though. I've lost control and hurt some people. My friends are all breaking apart here since we haven't deployed in awhile.

I want to deploy again and I owe it to those that have been killed to finish out my contract. They don't really acknowledge PTSD here anyway. Even when we are diagnosed it doesn't matter. They need numbers to deploy. My friends that want out have to try and kill themselves at least twice before they take them seriously. Even then they still say they must be faking it.

I miss emotions the most.

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