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My Introduction

Hello All,

My name is Aurora, I'm 18 and currently suffering PTSD. I guess I joined the group for some support, its amazing how satisfying it is just to know that others are going through the same thing.
About 3 months ago I was involved in a near-fatal scuba diving accident. It happened at night, in the ocean. Something went wrong with my equipment and I ended up drowning. The details are hard for me to share still, but eventually the agony of breathing in water faded and my body started shutting down. I knew that I was dying.
I (clearly) survived, and was rushed to a hospital where I was told that I was one breath away from death, and yet miraculously, I was going to be OK.
My lungs were still dangerously full of water when I got to the hospital, but within a few days the danger of infection went down and I was sent home.
Ever since then I've been getting terrible dreams, I sleep in my parent's room, I cry a lot. I was never much of a cryer before this, but now even the slightest reminder will set me off. I saw a psychologist for a few weeks, but it was no help at all. I know this is something I just need to work through, but it would be great to get some support. If you have similar ailments, I'd love to hear them. Is anyone else out there constantly reminded of a near-death experience?

Thank you,
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